IntelliSuite v8.7 Released

IntelliSuite v8.7 Released


Woburn, MA – February 6, 2012 – Today IntelliSense announced a major new version of its market-leading software for the MEMS industry, IntelliSuite v8.7. IntelliSuite v8.7 includes upgrades to almost every module of IntelliSuite and introduces several groundbreaking industry-first features.

“Every IntelliSuite module has been updated in IntelliSuite v8.7,” said Joe Johnson, Business Development Manager of IntelliSense. “Our customers will notice a large increase in IntelliSuite’s capabilities, and at the same time, the software has been made easier to use. From accuracy, stability, and speed improvements to brand-new, industry-first functionality, this is by far the best version of IntelliSuite, yet.”

“In addition to the latest version of IntelliSuite, we are launching FabSim and Exposure, two new process simulators that will make any process engineer’s job easier,” said Johnson. “FabSim is a unique process flow simulator that enables users to fully simulate the physical fabrication process, rather than settle for crude process emulation. Exposure is a powerful lithography simulator that will allow users to simulate full lithography processes in minutes.”

Some of the new features in IntelliSuite v8.7 include:


Exposure is a new addition to IntelliSense’s strong suite of process simulation tools.  This deep resist/SU8 simulator can accurately model lithography processes like exposure, post-exposure bake, and development.  The dynamic cellular automata simulator and included material databases ensure robust and speedy lithography simulations.


IntelliSense has long been the MEMS industry’s leader in physical process simulation, with tools like RECIPE for DRIE etch simulation, IntelliEtch for wet etch simulation, and Exposure for lithography simulation.  All of this functionality is now integrated into IntelliSuite’s flagship new process simulator, FabSim.  FabSim enables users to quickly create photo-realistic process models and cross-sections using full physical simulation, rather than simple process emulation.


The industry’s most powerful wet etch simulator can now simulate anisotropic etching of quartz in addition to silicon.  Features that IntelliEtch is known for, like etching of high-order planes and multi-masking, are made easier to use in a huge interface update.  The new GPU-based simulator can run etch simulations over 100 times faster than the previous CPU-based version.


IntelliSuite’s state-of-the-art automeshing tools are again updated with cutting-edge advancements.  Material properties and boundary conditions can be automatically applied when a 3D meshed model is generated.  New adaptive meshing and mesh refinement settings allow users to have full control over the automated meshing process.  Meshing is now faster and more robust than ever before.

ThermoElectroMechanical Analysis Module

The original MEMS multiphysics simulator has received some powerful updates in IntelliSuite v8.7.  New coupled package-device simulation capability can be used to analyze packaging effects on a MEMS device.  Dynamic contact analysis can be used to simulate models with multiple points of contact.  IntelliSuite’s powerful reduced-order macromodel extractor can now generate piezoelectric as well as multi-contact macromodels.  In addition, the finite element solver has been updated to ensure greater stability and simulation accuracy.

Some of the many other new features in IntelliSuite v8.7 include:

  • New MEMS-specific drawing capabilities in the Blueprint™ layout editor
  • A new Job Manager™ utility which allows users to queue and run multiple simulations in a row
  • New library elements to make design exploration and optimization easier in the SYNPLE™ schematic-based simulator
  • A new Mesh Manipulator™ utility which can create curved mesh surfaces and import/export a variety of file formats

Total MEMS Solutions

IntelliSense ignited the MEMS industry in the early 1990s with its IntelliSuite® family of innovative CAD tools — and is now the leading innovator and supplier of design and development solutions for the MEMS professional. After almost two decades in continuous development, IntelliSuite now boasts the widest range of features available in a MEMS tool and remains unsurpassed in its simulation capabilities, robustness and ease of use. With users in more than 35 countries, IntelliSuite is the industry-standard software for MEMS. IntelliSense also offers custom design and prototyping services to universities, blue-chip companies and start-ups worldwide.

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