IntelliSuite v8.8 Released


Woburn, MA – February 3, 2014 – Today, IntelliSense announced a major release of its industry-leading software tools for the MEMS community, IntelliSuite v8.8. The new IntelliSuite version includes major updates for all software modules and the addition of a new tool, Parametric Designer. IntelliSense made its initial announcement at the recent IEEE MEMS 2014 conference in San Francisco, CA. Now, all IntelliSense customers will have access to the new software version.

“Each IntelliSuite module has been updated in IntelliSuite v8.8,” said Tom Hall, Applications Manager of IntelliSense. “Our users will have access to the same tools they know and love, but will notice some major enhancements and the addition of a new tool, Parametric Designer, which enables users to easily perform unattended parametric analyses.”


“IntelliSuite is an end-to-end set of tools that helps MEMS professionals with every stage of their design cycle. This is by far the most accurate, fastest, and easiest-to-use version of IntelliSuite to date.”


Some of the new features in IntelliSuite v8.8 include:


Parametric Designer™
Parametric Designer is the newest addition to the powerful family of IntelliSuite tools. This customized parametric analysis tool accepts a VBS file, then generates masks, 3D models and meshes automatically. Once the user applies boundary conditions and loads, Parametric Designer performs simulations then gives a detailed result report.


Users can now handle meshing larger models automatically with the new 64-bit version of the Hexpresso mesh engine.



The Blueprint layout editor has some new drawing features, including an image import option that lets users add JPG, PNG and BMP images into their current layout.


Etch Process Simulation
The RECIPE™ simulator can now perform DRIE simulations with unparalleled accuracy with the new DEEP-RIE calibration tool. IntelliEtch™ also has a new calibration tool, Wagon Wheel Analyzer II which helps users extract etch rates accurately.


Device Simulation
ThermoElectroMechanical™ has been updated to perform simulations on magnetostrictive devices. The ElectroMagnetic Analysis™ tool has also received several updates for enhanced accuracy and usability.


Total MEMS Solutions™


IntelliSuite is the industry-leading tool set for MEMS layout design, advanced process simulation, FEA, parametric analysis, system simulation, packaging analysis and more. Covering all aspects of the MEMS design cycle, IntelliSuite 8.8 provides a groundbreaking, end-to-end software solution for MEMS professionals. IntelliSense also provides a global One Stop MEMS Solution with its custom design, consulting and fabrication services. With users in over 30 countries, IntelliSense is the largest MEMS software vendor with its own in-house fabrication facility.

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