MEMS design services: manufacturable, high-yield designs

With our unique Design For Manufacturing approach, IntelliSense creates and optimizes your MEMS device. You benefit from IntelliSuite™, the industry standard CAD for MEMS™ software, and from partnership with our MEMS design experts and our strategic partnerships throughout the supply chain.

Out sourcing your MEMS design can benefit your organization in several ways. By relying on our MEMS expertise of over a decade (we‘ve been in this game since 1991), you can shorten your learning cycle and time to market. In addition, it allows you to focus on your core specialization while we focus on ours.

Some call it cospecialization. We call it smart thinking.

For instance, when the scientists at NASA needed to design next generation micromirror arrays for terrestrial and space based telescopes they turned to IntelliSense. A senior scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center remarked,

“IntelliSuite has proven effective for the design and simulation of our micromirror array. Using the software, we have determined mirror pull-in voltages and stresses induced during deformation. Through these results, we can determine optimal electrode configurations to reduce fabrication trial-and-error.”

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to use our design services. Our depth in solving complex engineering problems combined with a team that is determined to make you succeed makes IntelliSense a world class partner.

Custom fabrication and supply chain management

IntelliSense has formed strong affiliations with established MEMS foundries and research institutions throughout the United States and the world. Our partnerships through out the value chain allow IntelliSense to prototype and transfer MEMS based components into production at the lowest cost.

Prototype to manufacturing

It is important for custom MEMS design that design and process development engineers work closely together. That is why IntelliSense has formed strategic partnerships with the leading MEMS foundries. Prototype development, including packaging and test, is done with these partners. Pilot-line manufacturing can be completed with these local foundries as well. To reduce cost, higher volume manufacturing can be done in our overseas manufacturing partners’ facilities.

Packaging services

The cost of packaging can range from 30 to 95 percent of the final cost of a device. We can help you drive down MEMS, BioMEMS and MOEMS packaging costs, reduce your risk in the development cycle, and smooth the path through pilot scale to high-volume manufacturing. This is done through packaging simulation using are own CAD software IntelliSuite (Packaging Analysis Module, MEMaterial, IntelliFab). Various analyses (thermal, stress/strain, deformation, high frequency, vibrational, etc.) performed can reduce the number of prototyping cycles usually required. Plus, our foundry partner’s extensive electronic and optoelectronic packaging assembly capabilities provide the proper working environment and critical interfaces between a device and the macroscopic world.

Reducing risk

Our strategic parnetships gives you access to the right vendor for the right job. By working with several vendors, we closely keep track of their evolving expertise and competence in different areas. This allows us to put together the right partnerships to get your devices to market quicker.

Fabrication capability

Bulk micromachining

Surface micromachining


Electroplated MEMS

CMOS-MEMS integration

Packaging capability


Wafer scale packaging

Substrate singulation

High volume pick and place

Fiber attach and pigtailing

Interconnect and flip chip

Active optical benches

Package sealing

Custom packaging

Foundry services

Consulting Services

Although we are extremely discrete about our clientele you will find that we have worked with the top names in the world. We have tackled some of the most challenging MEMS problems over the years. Be it solving manufacturability issues or process technology recommendations we are ready to take on your problem.

Typical services

A typical 6-8 week engagement could include:

  • Market study (industry analysis, competitive landscape, market projections) and recommendations
  • Technology (process and design) and IP evaluation
  • Feasibility study (analysis and validation of your concepts)
  • Price and cost point analysis
  • Investor advice and due diligence

Raytheon RF switch

"From the beginning of our work, we knew that we needed a MEMS-specific electromechanical solution tool. We had a few different membrane designs before a capable simulation tool was available and all of the prototypes were built, tested and discarded. When we applied IntelliSuite™ to the problem we found that it was the only tool that could model the mechanical response of perforated RF membrane switches. A happy customer of IntelliSense, we are now able to create working prototypes."