Our Services

IntelliSense offers MEMS design services focused on delivering manufacturable, high-yield designs. Leveraging our unique Design For Manufacturing approach, we specialize in creating and optimizing MEMS devices. Our expertise is backed by the industry-leading IntelliSuite™ CAD software for MEMS and strategic partnerships across the supply chain.

Outsourcing your MEMS design to IntelliSense provides numerous benefits for your organization. With over a decade of MEMS expertise since our establishment in 1991, we accelerate your learning curve and time to market. This partnership allows you to concentrate on your core specialization while we handle the intricacies of MEMS design.

Termed as cospecialization, this approach signifies strategic thinking. For example, when NASA required next-generation micromirror arrays for telescopes, they entrusted IntelliSense. A senior scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center stated, "IntelliSuite has proven effective for designing our micromirror array. With the software, we determine optimal electrode configurations to reduce fabrication trial-and-error."

Our MEMS design services cater to diverse needs, not just rocket science. Backed by our team's prowess in solving complex engineering problems, IntelliSense is your trusted partner for success.

Custom Fabrication and Supply Chain Management

IntelliSense has cultivated robust alliances with renowned MEMS foundries and research institutions globally and within the United States. Our strategic partnerships across the value chain empower IntelliSense to seamlessly transition MEMS-based components from prototyping to production at optimal cost efficiency.

From Prototype to Manufacturing

Collaboration between design and process development engineers is crucial for custom MEMS design. Hence, IntelliSense strategically collaborates with premier MEMS foundries, facilitating prototype development, packaging, and testing. Pilot-line manufacturing is also facilitated locally, with high-volume production leveraging our overseas partners’ facilities for cost-effectiveness.

Efficient Packaging Services

Packaging costs can significantly impact the final device cost. IntelliSense offers expertise to streamline MEMS, BioMEMS, and MOEMS packaging expenses, mitigate development risks, and navigate smoothly from pilot scale to mass production. Leveraging our proprietary CAD software, IntelliSuite, for packaging simulation, coupled with various analyses, minimizes prototyping cycles. Additionally, our foundry partners' comprehensive packaging assembly capabilities ensure optimal device functionality.

Risk Mitigation Through Strategic Partnerships

IntelliSense’s strategic partnerships grant access to a diverse pool of vendors with specialized expertise, ensuring tailored solutions for expedited market entry. By monitoring vendors' evolving competencies, we assemble optimal partnerships to accelerate your device's market readiness.

Diverse Fabrication and Packaging Capabilities

  • Bulk micromachining
  • Surface micromachining
  • Electroplated MEMS
  • CMOS-MEMS integration

IntelliSense offers a comprehensive Fabrication Platform and Test Platform, alongside Wet Etching and DRIE Calibration Too.

Packaging capabilities include micro-assembly, wafer-scale packaging, substrate singulation, high-volume pick and place, fiber attach and pigtailing, interconnect and flip chip, active optical benches, package sealing, and custom packaging solutions.

Expert Consulting Solutions

While we maintain utmost confidentiality regarding our clients, rest assured, we've collaborated with global industry leaders. Our track record speaks volumes, having addressed some of the most intricate MEMS challenges. Whether it's resolving manufacturability hurdles or providing process technology insights, we're primed to tackle your concerns head-on.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

In a typical 6-8 week partnership, expect an array of services tailored to your need:

  • Thorough market analysis, encompassing industry insights, competitive landscape evaluation, and future market projections, coupled with strategic recommendations.
  • Evaluation of technology, both in terms of process and design, along with an in-depth assessment of intellectual property (IP) considerations.
  • Feasibility study, involving meticulous analysis and validation of your concepts to ascertain viability.
  • Price and cost analysis to ensure optimal positioning in the market landscape.
  • Expert guidance for investors, including due diligence assistance to bolster decision-making processes.

Raytheon RF switch

mechanical response of perforated RF membrane switches mechanical response of perforated RF membrane switches

"From the beginning of our work, we knew that we needed a MEMS-specific electromechanical solution tool. We had a few different membrane designs before a capable simulation tool was available and all the prototypes were built, tested and discarded. When we applied IntelliSuite™ to the problem we found that it was the only tool that could model the mechanical response of perforated RF membrane switches. A happy customer of IntelliSense, we are now able to create working prototypes."