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IntelliSense ignited the MEMS industry in the early 1990’s with its IntelliSuite® family of innovative CAD tools. IntelliSuite is the industry-leading tool set for MEMS layout design, advanced process simulation, FEA, parametric analysis, system simulation, packaging analysis and more. Covering all aspects of the MEMS design cycle, IntelliSuite provides a groundbreaking, end-to-end software solution for MEMS professionals. IntelliSense also provides a global One-Stop MEMS Solution for universities, blue-chip companies and start-ups with its custom design, consulting and fabrication services. With users in over 30 countries, IntelliSense is the largest MEMS software vendor with its own in-house fabrication facility.

A brief history of our time

IntelliSense was originally founded in 1991 with the mission of developing MEMS-specific CAD tools. In 1993, we released the first MEMS software tool and, in 1995, we introduced the first completely integrated MEMS CAD tool and opened one of the first MEMS-specific foundries. In 2000, Corning acquired IntelliSense Software at a valuation of $750M and changed its name to Corning IntelliSense. In 2003, the core assets of Corning IntelliSense were re-acquired by the original employees of IntelliSense and, today, IntelliSense operates as an independent, privately owned enterprise.

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IntelliSense is a privately owned company headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. For additional corporate or product information, please contact us at

  • 2022IntelliSuite v9.1 is released. It is a major release including many updates for the end-to-end design and simulation package.
  • 2021More than Silicon, Quartz/InP/Sapphire etc. new material simulation capability are added
  • 2019IntelliSuite v9.0 is released
  • 2017ParametricDesigner module is released
  • 2015GPU parallel acceleration is available
  • 2012Physical based process simulation is available
  • 2009With customers in over 30 countries distributors in 15 countries, IntelliSuite® is now the leading MEMS design software
  • 2006IntelliSuite enters the Asian market
  • 2004Re-acquisition: IntelliSense is once again private, focusing on MEMS design tools and IP
  • 2000Corning acquires IntelliSense ($750 M) for its MEMS expertise
  • 1995Intellisuite v1: Industries first integrated MEMS tool is released
  • 1993MEMaterial: Industries first MEMS tool is released
  • 1991IntelliSense is founded. We are now one of the oldest MEMS companies









Training a new generation of MEMS engineers

uture engineers need to know MEMS to work in today’s major industries. Through the University Partnership Program, universities use IntelliSuite™ to teach basic MEMS concepts—such as process flow, thin-film engineering, wet and dry anisotropic etching, the coupling of multiple physical domains and system modeling of MEMS. IntelliSuite™ allows students to simulate and virtually prototype their devices prior to entering a fab, teaching students MEMS processing as they view their device at each fabrication step.


Following five years of sucessful intergration of IntelliSuite™ at the academic level, the program was formalized in 1999. Since then, universities in over 20 countries have selected IntelliSuite™ as their research and classroom simulation tool.

Membership in our University Partner Program gives academic research groups all the benefits our commercial customers receive, at substantial savings.

University Partnership Program

Below is a short list of universities that have joined our UPP

A short list of universities joined in IntelliSense's University Partnership Program

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